Welcome to AAA Gems Co Ltd-Moissanite,Diamone, CVD coated moissanite.

1999, AAA Gems was set up by James Ho, the founder of this company.
2005, AAA Gems own the profession team of moissanite  R&D dept, Treatment and Quality control etc. Which produce the super white moissanite ,reach real DEF color, gain a great moissanite market.

2006, the new technical of AAA Gems, "Amorphous Diamond Growing Technic”was applied patent protection

2009, Developed new product: Diamone, use the lastest patent technical, more close to diamond, various colors and all sizes and shapes.
2010,  joined into the International Colored Gemstone Association, and it is honor to be one of their members.
2015, AAA Gems own a jewelry brand, MY BEST LOVE, opened a series retail shops in China.

2018, developed a new lab grown diamond: Lamorite, taken advanced CVD technical mix with moissanite, reach hardness 9.9-10, successfully face to market on 2019 Hongkong jewelry fair.