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Pink color Diamone stones

Diamone is the update new high technical product, which is the most beautiful simulant diamond in the world. Diamone are not Czs! Diamone core crystal are created in the lab of Chinese University. Cut by diamond cutters in China.Final " Amorphous Dia
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Diamone® core crystal: Zr02 mixed with Yttrium Oxide (Y203) 
or Calcium Oxide (CaO) as a stabilizing agent. 
Diamone® skin: 99.9%,pure carbon diamond, Thickness is about 15-300nm. 
Refractive Index:2.36; Single refraction index, same as diamond; 
Relative Density: 5.5g /cm3; 
Hardness: 8.5-9.2; 
Clarity and color: Diamone® have VVS1 in clarity and E, F and H in color. 
Other color can be available under request.

PS: Diamone can not pass diamond tester

Diamone Series
Diamone is most beautiful imitation diamond in the world which is hi-tech and grow diamond (pure carbon) combination with "Amorphous Diamond Growing Technic”
First, we use "ion injection Tech" to inject carbon into Diamone crystal, we use these carbon as "seed" to grow it, then, these microscopic diamond crystals are infiltrated into the Diamone crystal through the Amorphous Diamond Growing Tech process to give Diamond and pure man-made diamond layer cover whole surface of stone.

To better describe how the magic stone is completed, we have begun calling it "Diamond cultured", as through atomic force microscope, the microstructure can shows that the tiny diamond have been synchronized into the upper layer of the diamone crystal core, to form a new diamond stimulant, just like the way to get cultured pearl which is one core inside and one pearl layer outside.

Diamone is the update new high technical product, which is the most beautiful simulant diamond in the world.
Diamone are not Czs! Diamone core crystal are created in the lab of Chinese University. Cut by diamond cutters in China.Final " Amorphous Diamond Growing Technic"
Diamone are the closest appearance to Natural Diamond, and with much more friendly price.